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Software for m3u playlist


M3U Playlist is an multimedia playlist which contains iptv links to watch tv online on your PC. An m3u playlist contains links and name, more exactly, to see what tv channels you watch we put names on the links. If you want to see how look an m3u playlist see the image below. To use those m3u playlist from our site you need to have some multimedia software installed on your PC.

Which software I have to use to watch tv online?

There are many software for m3u playlist, but the most used and my favorite is VLC media player. VLC media player is a free software (download free here), he support a huge variety of audio and video formats. VLC supports not only the m3u playlist but also supports similar playlist like M3U8, PLS, XSPF, WVX, ASX , IFO and others.

How to open m3u file with VLC media player?

Before we open an m3u playlist we need to have it. Go to one of our post and download an m3u list. After you download the list, all you have to do is one more step:

  1. right click on the m3u playlist -> open with -> VLC media player or open VLC media player -> Media -> Open File (select the m3u playlist)

How to create an m3u playlist?

In media players like VLC, to create an m3u playlist just click on Media -> Save Playlist to File. You can create an m3u file by yourself using Notepad and then save the file with m3u extension.
It’s important to use proper syntax like the image above. The number following the #EXTINF:, 0, reprezent that are a stream online. You might see other numbers after #EXTINF and that means are a link with limited time, for exemple, if we see 105, that means are 105 seconds on that link.

Tips and Tricks for VLC Media Player

To understand more how to use vlc media player for m3u playlist I will put below some tips and tricks that will help you,

  1. Search – use search box on VLC Media Player to search you favorite channel (many playlist contains dozens of iptv links)
  2. Media Library – use media library to put only your favorite channels
  3. Loop – use loop button in VLC (that means if the video reaches the end it will immediately start playing again).
    – this is the most use command in VLC when you watch tv online with iptv links
  4. Change Channel Name – click right on the channel -> Information -> Title (put your name) -> Save Metadata